Counsel of Medical Admissions is affiliated with numerous property owners and student housing services abroad. We even have our own representatives based in nearly every University City who search for housing based on your criteria.

After discussing with you a number of options based on your budget, preferences and lifestyle, we find housing in private flats close to campus. Our representative negotiates the rent and deposit amount as well as reviews the terms of the contract on your behalf, which is invariably in the local language. You have the option of viewing the apartments and arranging your accommodation through our online platform before you even relocate. We also help you set up access to the internet and cable TV as well as get a local cell number among other things at special rates, pre-negotiated by ourselves. Our local team of representatives will explain the terms of the contract which is in a foreign language. All of these services are completed well in advance before your arrival so that you have time to focus on all the other important details that matter: your studies!

All Medical Universities with which we are affiliated offer on-campus dormitory accommodation which is very cheap (some do not exceed $40 per month). Be that as it may, the number of available rooms for foreign students is limited as the majority of rooms are occupied by local students to whom most, but not all, of our partner Universities give priority.

Most of our students, as is the case in general with the majority of international students, prefer to rent or share a private flat near the University, as the cost is also very low at around $150–290 per month, depending on their requirements, and allows them to follow their own distinct lifestyle.

In short, we take care of all the stress and confusion when it comes to finding housing abroad, and let you worry only about your studies from the first day!

In order to register students at their University, in some cases it is necessary first to receive a residence permit. Besides helping students obtain all the necessary documents, we also help quickly translate and legalize any required documents related to this process. One of our representatives may also accompany students to all the relevant bureaus and government offices, explaining the process along the way, including the Immigration Department, the local Police department to issue an Identification card, and the municipal building.

Our student representative offers assistance during transactions at local public administrative bureaus and service centers where the spoken language invariably is not English, and he or she explains the different types of residence permits packages and their advantages and disadvantages, including prices and validity duration.

In turn, Counsel of Medical Admissions takes all necessary supporting documents and certificates obtained from this process to the University in person to register students, submitting a copy of the residence permit. Most importantly, we also help you get specific details on some of these supporting documents which can greatly facilitate the process of getting your student loan quickly approved and the student loan funds released timely.

In tandem with your residence permit, Counsel of Medical Admissions student representative will offer guidance to help you get through this process as quickly and as effortlessly as possible. He or she will accompany you to all necessary public service bureaus and tell you which documents you have to submit to the University administration office, and explain the process of which documents have to be taken from the University to the respective Ministry of Education bureau for certification.

We also help track that the first installment of tuition fees has been paid in full to the University, especially if you are paying with a Student Loan issued through one of our affiliated financial institutions. Finally, our representative will help you out when it is necessary to issue a temporary student ID certificate until your Student ID card is ready, which is required to speed up the process of receiving the necessary certificates issued from the Ministry of Education. Finally, once you get your class schedule, a few tips on how to get around is the best way to get you started on the right foot!

What is most important, we offer you all the books for the first year of your studies through our online platform. In other words, we take care of everything, leaving nothing for you to worry about.

We know it can be confusing and time-consuming doing all this in a foreign language, and where’s the fun in that as soon as you land in another country for the first time? We take care of all this for you so you can settle in and make some friends or enjoy the sights before your courses start.